How to Win Unlimited Neopoints on Neopets?

How to Win Unlimited Neopoints on Neopets?

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How to Win Unlimited Neopoints on Neopets?

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Neopoints are an important currency in the virtual pet game Neopets. Every player of this game has at least one common dream and that is to collect as many neopoints as possible. If you are having problem getting as many neopoints as you would like, know that it is easier than it seems! Neopoints are quite easy to come by only if you know where to look. Given below are some easy ways you can earn loads without having to buy neopoints daily:

Daily Freebies

Neopets has some locations which can be visited every day to get some free neopoints. These are known as Neopet Dailies and are one of the easiest ways to start your neopoint collection. Some of the locations where you can get daily neopoints are The Siup Kitchen, The Meridell Rubbish Dump etc.

Neopet Wheels

There are various Neopet Wheels in the Neopet Dailies category that can be spun to win a number of interesting things. You can earn gifts and can win neopoints as well. All you have to do is make sure that the wheel stops at the right point. However, when spinning the wheel it is important to be careful as you can also end up with nasty things sometimes. These wheels may cost a small amount of neopoints to spin but you can get a special gifts and benefits in return.

Stock Market

The stock market on Neopets works exactly like it does in reality. You can buy neopet shares that you think will be profitable and earn a load of neopoints easily. Just buy low priced stocks in thousands which cost around 20 neopoints and wait for them to double in value before selling. This is the best way to earn neopoints.