Things that can Affect the Flavor of E-Liquids

Things that can Affect the Flavor of E-Liquids

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Things that can Affect the Flavor of E-Liquids

If you are new to vaping then the world of e-cigs and e-liquids might be pretty complex. Though people prefer having their preferred brand of regular cigarettes, the flavors are almost the same. However, this is not the same with e-cigarettes. If you are new to vaping then find out what can affect the flavor and qualities of better ejuice.

Nicotine Level

E-cigarettes and e-liquids are actually manufactured with a wide range of nicotine levels. A robust content of nicotine like 24mg can be compared to a strong taste of the cigarette. There are also e-liquids with low levels of nicotine. As a matter of fact, you will get e-liquids with zero nicotine level. E-cigs that have zero level of nicotine will allow greater enjoyment of the flavor. High level of nicotine offers greater throat hit. This proves to be good for smokers who have just shifted to electronic cigarettes. 

Menthol Mouth

There are some vapers who complain that a large amount of menthol flavored e-liquid might deaden the taste buds for some period of time. This can make the e juice tasteless for you till you quit using menthol.

Quitting Smoking

One popularly known side effect of smoking is that can weaken the perception of taste. When you start vaping after quitting smoking, your taste buds start returning. Thus, your taste buds might be overstimulated and might keep you from tasting anything for some time. This period is usually temporary and is a normal part of an adjustment after you quit smoking.


E-cigs have humectants that can make your mouth dry. If your mouth is dehydrated, a film will develop over your tongue, keeping you from enjoying the flavor to the fullest. When you vape make sure that you drink enough water for combining the drying effects of humectants.